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14 January 2013 | Transport | By: Andy Thornley

In Pictures: No Pants On The Tube Day 2013

In Pictures: No Pants On The Tube Day 2013

With the mercury plummeting and the capital braced for snow, it takes a brave soul to sling the strides and go trouserless on the tube.

But that's precisely what over 100 people did yesterday for the London-leg of No Pants on the Subway 2013. The stunt was conceived in 2002 by 'prank-collective' Improv Everywhere, which aims to cause 'scenes of chaos and joy in public places'. They're an American group, and hence they're suggesting you go without your trouser-pants, not your underpants. And by 'Subway', they mean 'Tube'...but you get the idea.

Fellow passengers offered a mixture of disapproving looks and broad grins, but we wouldn't go as far to say that there was chaos. You can judge that for yourselves from these photos, however...

Andy Thornley

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Ruby Friday

Brain dead drudges day.


Unpleasant and ridiculous. They all look suitably embarrassed.


Brilliant! Looking forward to more zany days on the tube!

Richard the Big Bunny

You there ... reading HOW TO BE A MAN ... lovely! :-) I like every bit of what I can see.