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19 January 2013 | By: Rachel Holdsworth

In Pictures: London Snow

In Pictures: London Snow

We warned you yesterday. Some might say M@ even encouraged you to add snowy photos to our Flickr pool. And lots of you did – thank you! So here it is: the obligatory snowy photos gallery. We've even got the sledging-down-Hampstead-Heath shot (well done Laura Nolte).

Photographers: Laura Nolte, Alex Abian, viks2 (one, two), Flamenco Sun (one, two), Simon Crubellier, StanfordsTravel, SusanMBradley,  Sloetry (one, two), Marc Fairhurst, chipperchowders, Luke Robinson, Viramati, peterphotographic, Olly Denton and SabineThoele.

And here's a timelapse video of the snow coming in, by Arun Sagar.

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