Google Doodle Marks 150 Years Of The London Underground

Happy (sort-of) birthday to the London Underground, which pootled into action 150 years ago today with an invite-only train ride between Paddington and Farringdon. Google is marking the milestone with the rather fine search doodle, shown above. Alas, its designers appear to have bollocksed up the Victoria line, which comes in two unconnected flavours to the east and west. That’s the trouble with Google…always gives you more options than you need.

The Doodle, done with Transport for London’s blessing, will be visible all day to anyone searching within the UK.

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  • Alex Churchill

    This is very cleverly done. Using the Central Line’s Zone 4 loop for the loop of the “e”. Compressing down the shape of the lines to a fraction of the number of stops while keeping recognisable features like the Piccadilly Heathrow loop and the two District southern branches. Compressing Overground and Jubilee together to make the “l”. Squashing all the very central lines together to get the empty spaces around the sides of the Circle line to give the effect of two “o”s. The “G” is pretty fabricated but it does sortof fit with the northwestern Piccadilly line. The lowercase “g” is the only one which they’ve had to make up out of whole cloth: the proper Tube map does have something two-loops-ish around that area, but it’s mainly composed of the Thames itself.

    • Chris Howlett

      I think the ‘g’ bit’s supposed to be the DLR (although Google do seem to have confused it with the Victoria line), in which case the upper loop is presumably the Stratford-Poplar section. The lower spiral is pretty egregious.

      The rest of it is darn impressive, though.

  • kizi da grizzly

    Superb doodle and happy anniversary to the underground tube system.

  • SOI

    it’s on the US version as well!!