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16 January 2013 | News | By: M@

Helicopter Hits Crane And Crashes In Vauxhall

Helicopter Hits Crane And Crashes In Vauxhall

A helicopter has crashed in Vauxhall after striking a crane. Two people were killed and nine injured in the accident, which happened at 8am this morning. The helicopter collided with a crane attached to the under-construction The Tower, One St George Wharf — one of London's tallest residential buildings. The photographs above were taken by Londonist writer Andy Thornley. Further images and resources are linked to below.

Reports from BBC, Sky News, Guardian.

Update: 11am: According to the Metropolitan Police, there are eleven casualties: two people were killed, four have been taken to hospital (with one in critical condition) and five were treated for injuries at the scene. Additionally, four people were treated for shock.

Met chief Bernard Hogan-Howe also confirmed that the helicopter had been diverted to nearby Battersea helipad, which was not its original destination. The helipad is currently closed, but Vauxhall station has re-opened.

Here are some photographs of the aftermath from the BBC.

Update: 9.49am: Most news services are agreed that at least two people have been killed.

Update: 9.00am: Vauxhall mainline station and Tube station are closed, the bus station is also closed and surrounding roads are heavily affected.

Update: 8.54am: Photos show that the crane was attached to the new St George's Wharf Tower. The crane is badly damaged and partially collapsed. The top of the tower is obscured by fog. London Fire Brigade describes the crane as "in a precarious position".

Eyewitnesses say the helicopter was an Augusta 109.

Update: 8.46am: Here's the exact spot on Google Maps.

Update 8.35am: Photo shows flames on Wandsworth Road, with dozens of emergency workers on the scene. Here's a closer shot.

Initial post: Reports are coming in of a helicopter crash in Vauxhall. Witnesses say the vehicle hit a crane before crashing into the ground. Two cars were also caught in the accident, according to the London Fire Brigade.

More news as we get it.

Dean Nicholas

From photos I've seen the crane in question appears to be on the side of The Tower, the new skyscraper at St Georges Wharf: http://www.thetower-onestgeorg...

Ian Wylie

Your current "source not given" first photo above is from Victor Jimenez - @vctrjmnz on Twitter. His original tweet: https://twitter.com/vctrjmnz/s...


Amazing pictures you guys, please credit the photographers!

Andy Thornley

I travel on this stretch of raod every day and whilst this particular part of Wandsworth Road isn't the busiest stretch, there are still considerable volumes of traffic in the area during this time. It's amazing that more people weren't killed or injured.
Wandsworth Road and the immediate area around The Tower are likely to be shut for a considerable period of time as air crash investigators will need to examine the wreckage, the crane will need to be removed from its precarious position and the road surface at the crash site will need to be relaid due to damage from fire and explosions. My advice is to avoid the area for the next few days.