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11 January 2013 | Art & Photography | By: Tabish Khan

Art Review: The Space Between The Stars @ Scream

Art Review: The Space Between The Stars @ Scream

After successful solo shows for Greg Miller and Ye Hongxing, the Scream gallery brings us a group show of emerging and established artists whose works explore the interplay between light and dark. It's perfectly timed to overlap with the similarly themed Light Show opening at the Hayward gallery at the end of this month.

This exhibition features a varied array of artists, from the otherworldly landscape paintings of Shane Macadams through to the botanically inspired yet alien-looking constructs of Tsai and Yoshikawa, whose works we enjoyed at an exhibition last year.

All of the featured artists have unique yet eye-catching styles. Sylvia Hommert's works shimmer like overlapping feathers or glistening fish scales while Caroline Jane Harris amazes with her attention to detail in her branching work that reminded us of the endless network of vessels within our lungs.

Our two favourite artists were Regine Schumann and James Hopkins. Schumann's fluorescent blocks illuminated by a black light emit an eerie glow and when viewed from the side merge into a hypnotic and alluring sculpture. Hopkins brings a sense of humour to his work by creating sculptures that look normal at first glance before the illusion sinks in. It then takes some time to recognise what he's done by simply carving wooden blocks and using mirrors to create an innovative sculpture that challenges the viewers perception.

Most group shows are hit and miss affairs but this one is brimming with talented artists unified by a single theme, yet all of them have distinctive styles that vie for your attention.

The Space Between the Stars is on display at Scream, 27-28 Eastcastle St, W1W 8DH until 16 February. Admission is free.

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