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06 December 2012 | Maps, News | By: M@

New Map Shows Every London Bomb Of The Blitz

New Map Shows Every London Bomb Of The Blitz

Wow. Simply, wow. Someone's only gone and mapped every known bomb of the Blitz. Bombsight.org contains thousands and thousands of datapoints and shows, on even the most glancing inspection, just what a pummeling our city took all those years ago.

The map is based on archive research, drawing together official bomb censuses for the period between September 1940 and June 1941. It therefore lacks later bombing raids and attacks by flying bombs and rockets later in the war. What is there, however, is an invaluable resource for researchers and anyone with a curiosity about the history of our city.

The map is supplemented with eyewitness testimony drawn from the BBC's archives, as well as photographs of war damage and activity close to each site. Different views allow you to see the entire bomb census of the Blitz, or drill down to see the devastation on just the first night of attacks. Android users can even download an app that lets you view the data via augmented reality on top of a camera image.

The project was put together by this talented team, with help from University of Portsmouth, JISC and the National Archives.

Deeply impressive, sobering stuff.

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incredible stuff

Laura Wachter

Is this positive news? I don't think so. Again Media concentrating on the NEGATIV. What about using their brains in order to put their house in order ??

Yorkshire Cockney

I lived just off Whitecross St on the edge of the City of London throughout the blitz until we copped our lot on the night of MAY 8th 1941 when the block of flats in which we lived and were sheltering was hit by 2 bombs resulting in the death and injury to friends. So Laura Watcher,Watchit It's part of our history


Simply marvellous work. That's the blitz and the V2s covered. We need the V1s!

And now I can't help wondering about those areas of bomb damage that I'm familiar with, which don't coincide with anything on here, or with the Vergeltungswaffen.

Richard B

That's a lot of destruction. Almost as much as post-war municipal town planning...


Could you please put a list of all the areas in a search thing. I want to see New Malden as I believe that was where the first German bomb fell, BUT I may be wrong.

Jane Means

So interesting Thank You