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09 December 2012 | News | By: BethPH

In Pictures: UK Uncut Starbucks Protest

In Pictures: UK Uncut Starbucks Protest

UK Uncut targeted Starbucks yesterday in a protest over tax avoidance and the effect of government cuts on women.

The coffee chain's flagship stores in central London were turned into a creche and a women's refuge. In Barnet, protesters from UK Uncut, Occupy London and local residents turned their Starbucks into a library.

On Thursday, Starbucks said it would pay £20m in tax over the next two years and the company also offered to meet with UK Uncut ahead of yesterday's protest. The pressure group described the £20m promise as "a desperate attempt to deflect public pressure" from itself.

Photos courtesy of iDJ Photography in the Londonist Flickr pool


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