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16 December 2012 | By: Lindsey

In Pictures: SantaCon 2012

In Pictures: SantaCon 2012

Hundreds of Santas flooded London yesterday for the annual, global phenomenon of a gathering/rampage/drinkathon that is SantaCon. There was carolling and sprout throwing, unusual takes on the traditional Santa outfit and much merriment. But were the Santas you saw naughty or nice? Let us know in the comments.

Many thanks to the Santa snappers who shared their photos in the Londonist Flickrpool: CDL Creative in Greenwich and by the Cutty Sark, Sule Turem, Andy Wilkes, bonnevillekid, Tyla'75, worldoflard and joesfer who captured the serious, scary and rock Santas. Also to Jane Parker, who snapped King Santa from her market stall in More London.


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Andy Thornley

One reveller later climbed the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square and managed to break free of wardens before the rozzers turned up: http://www.demotix.com/photo/1...

Bridge Tales

Some santas were peeing in the streets and I am not sure what the police were doing if anything. Considering hospital wards are closing because of norovirus and spaces are at a premium, do we really want thousands of drunks turning up at hospitals. We don't have enough staff or room to deal with hundreds of drunks. It doesn't seem to be organised at all well. Perhaps there should be no alcohol in the streets of London or it should be banned. Wonder why the event is allowed in the first place considering the risks and nuisance?

Bridge Tales

I think we need photos of the aftereffects of Santacon, people being taken to hospitals, mess on the street etc, crying Santas. A bit more balanced reporting. Santacon isn't all fun and fluffiness

Georgia Hcrfm

Well done Bridge Tales, it is true, Santacon is not all good fun. There were many people there who broke the Santa Rules - possibly because they hadn't read them.

There were lots of people dropping litter - including glass bottles which are potentially hazardous. I felt very ashamed seeing the mess Santas left in their wake.

Others were throwing things at Elves, at other Santas and members of the public. They were often not light throws some were luzzed straight into people's faces. Not nice, and bad for Santacon.

The Racist-type behaviour towards those who came dressed as Elves and had no idea they were going to be treated like that, was appalling. This shouting at Elves, mobbing them and throwing things at them (which really hurt) was akin to the type of racist behaviour seen in the bad old days of some South of American states. Elves were called 'Evil', told they 'Stink' by a few Santas were massively aggressive towards them - their faces all distorted with hate filled malice, whilst they chanted and shouted at them. An angry hate-filled Santa is NOT A GOOD LOOK. It really made me think about what sort of people these so-called Santas really were and actually I would rather those people did not come back to Santacon as they do not belong at such an event. There is a line between being funny and being very nasty. Some santas crossed that line big-time and should really take a good look inside themselves and make a change in their lives.

Saying all that, the whole event went incredibly well, particularly in the light of the amount of alcohol being consumed by a great many people.

The vast majority of Santas were respectfull, Happy, Funny, Kind and Generous and really knew how to party safely. They were kind to children, giving them gifts and sweets, giving hugs to adults and a lot of people who saw the Santas thought it was fantastic and said nice things.

It was very clear that the foreign Santas were easily the best behaved. I met Santas from all around the globe - not just Europe.

The Elf abuse was a lot less than in previous years (so I was told). This element really does need to improve, along with the littering.

But, as large gatherings go, I think Santacon London was a huge success and I do hope it goes on again next year.

Georgia - An English Santa (AKA Mary Christmas)


great pics!!!


I found a Santa at 2am in front of the St Pancras church in recovery position sleeping in his own vomit. A couple more further down the road breaking bottles in an alley.

Sarah - Editor@theoffice-uk

I was at the London SantaCon and despite seeing a few drunks, I didn't see any fights or anything particularly bad. I did see many santas wishing everyone Merry Christmas, giving hugs, putting smiles on children's faces and giving chocolate and treats to passer bys!