Gherkin To Appear In New Star Trek Film?

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Gherkin To Appear In New Star Trek Film?

Look carefully at the just-released poster for Star Trek: Into Darkness, the latest film from the long-running franchise. London's Gherkin building stands among the rubble of a broken city. To the left, a river curls among the ruins. Is this the Thames? Is our city facing another on-screen smiting?

Of course, it could just be the artist creating a random montage of skyscrapers to represent a generic Earth city. But the Gherkin is so iconic of London, and that river appears to be sweeping the right must be, right? The angle would suggest that the leather-clad figure (presumably Benedict Cumberbatch's unknown villain) is standing on the ruins of Canary Wharf.

The film is out in May 2013, and reunites Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg and the rest from JJ Abrams 2009 reboot.

Update: commenter Josh points out that the London Eye is also visible to the left, as is St Paul's Cathedral just to the left of the Gherkin. This high-res version might help.

Hat tip to @Zefrog for the tip.

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I think I can also see 23 Meteor Street in Holloway...

Dean Nicholas

When I were a nipper, Trek posters would have spaceships and Klingons and stuff, things that were indubitably Trekkian. This one could be from any old film.


Look closer though - you can see the Eye by the river on the left hand side!


Here's a higher-res image, for detail:

Pete Stean

I'm not sure that the villain of the piece is that unknown - according to some rumours it's Gary Mitchell (not related to Phil). Cumberbatch would fit the character quite well. I will say no more on that - don't go looking up Gary on Wikipedia if you don't want to be 'spoiled'.

To my mind, the big revelation in this picture is what he's standing in front of - that wreckage looks suspiciously like a downed Borg cube...


Hopefully the totally destroyed foreground is Broadway Malyan's vauxhall development