Naked Man On Statue Closes Whitehall

Still from Sky News video.

Update: 2.35pm – The Telegraph reckons the statue of the Duke of Cambridge is ‘life size’. Blimey.

Police have cordoned off Whitehall to traffic after a naked man scaled an equestrian statue. A video posted on Sky News shows the gentleman perched on the Duke of Cambridge’s shoulder. (To clarify, that’s the Victorian Duke of Cambridge, not Prince William.) His motives, if any, are unknown at this time, although some reports suggest he has a knife.

A 100 metre section of road is closed down while police deal with the escapade.

Meanwhile Tottenham Court Road has also been closed due to a bomb alert.

We’ll add more on both stories if there are further developments.

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  • John Hodson

    Dare I ask where he’s keeping the knife?

  • Jonn Elledge

    I don’t want to frighten anyone, but that guy kind of looks like Dean.

    • Dean Nicholas

      … and I’d have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you pesky kids.

  • Desdinova

    Brass monkeys spring to mind.

  • rahul

    brave man he dosent has any shame left in him…..visit for more funny pics….