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09 November 2012 | Maps | By: M@

London Unfolded: Curiocity Issue C Now Available

London Unfolded: Curiocity Issue C Now Available

Everyone's favourite folded-up guide to London is back with it's third installment...or Issue C as it's known. CurioCity only weighs a few grams, but it punches several tons above its weight with plenty of wit, wisdom and giant conkers.

The highlight this time round is a map of Celestial London, a guide to London at night drawn out like a constellation chart of the heavens. What a beautiful idea, and well executed too.

Overleaf, you'll find a cheese trail, a competition to win a pigeon by pigeon post, and the usual mix of odd London factlets.

It's available now from these stockists, or online. Easily the best £2.50 you ever spent on a novelty fold-out map of nocturnal London.


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