A Phone Box Shrine To Sherlock At St Barts

We recently stumbled across this phone box, bedecked with tributes to Sherlock Holmes, outside St Bart’s in Smithfield. In the last series of the BBC’s Sherlock, our hero fell to his apparent death from the roof of the hospital. Although the final scene revealed that trickery was afoot, it hasn’t stopped fans of the sleuth leaving personal messages at this latter-day Reichenbach.

Although most of the notes are tongue-in-cheek, we think an informal shrine at this site is a splendid idea, and very much in keeping with the long tradition of pretending Holmes is a real man, rather than a fiction.

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  • slabman

    Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll pop over this evening with some Jeremy Brett posters

  • ScullyMD

    One is mine!!! XD XD

  • Alice

    Johnlock 5eva!

  • http://twitter.com/Lokisarmyat221b Loki’s army at 221b

    This is a reason that this fandom is the best fandom

  • Kassie

    I went there today and had a nice chat with two Canadian Sherlock fans 😀