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12 October 2012 | By: TimW

The Friday Photos: All About Albert

The Friday Photos: All About Albert

From pubs and road names to some of the city's greatest buildings, Albert is a name that rings out across London. Queen Victoria's beloved husband made his mark on the capital both when he was alive and long after his death.

The prince was the driving force behind the development of the cultural quarter in South Kensington — sometimes known as Albertopolis — that includes the V&A. Albert's early death in 1861 inspired a rush of tributes, most famously the Royal Albert Hall and nearby Albert Memorial, notable for its high-Victorian Imperialist pomposity and gaudiness.

The memorial's combination of gold and stone, and its expansive design, makes it a great photographic subject. This selection, which also features the fabulously lit Albert Bridge at Chelsea/Battersea, is led by Scott Baldock's cracking angular image.

All images from courtesy of Londonist Flickr pool contributors: David Henderson, Anatoleya, Terry Moran, Massimo Usai, Gareth Evans, John Esslinger, Joe Dunckley, Alan Habbick, Scott Baldock and Justin Sneddon.


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Terrific photoes! This memorial is also very beautiful in the morning