In Pictures: Gory Anatomical Cakes On Sale At Pathology Museum

Warning: image number 6 is possibly not-safe-for-work.

The trend for ever-more-elaborate cake pop-ups reaches its natural and gruesome end this week, when the Pathology Museum at St Bart’s puts these gory sweetmeats on sale.

The Eat Your Heart Out event, organised by Queen Mary University of London, hopes to raise awareness of the medical conditions portrayed upon the cakes. The medley of maladies includes a pair of smoke-damaged lungs (complete with edible cigarettes), prostate cancer truffles, a toe suffering from fungal disease, and a polycystic kidney. Unaffected body parts for sale, though scarcely less macabre, include a placenta, strawberries and cream heart, and, yes, an anus.

Although a bit gimmicky, the pop-up shop does have its serious side. The organisers want to attract people who wouldn’t normally set foot in an anatomy museum, and encourage them to learn more about their bodies through the medium of cake. All purchases will come with a leaflet describing the condition, and a series of lectures throughout the weekend will add more flesh to the already ample tissue.

Eat Your Heart Out runs 26-28 October, 11am-6pm. Free, and just turn up. St Bartholomew’s Pathology Museum, Third Floor, Robin Brook Centre, West Smithfield, London, EC1A 7BE.

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  • Rob Brown

    For the heart lazy and kidney be bothered!

  • lesley harris

    or you can come to CRAFT FAIR
    Ship Hill,
    Sunday 28 Oct 2012

  • Bob17

    Great english civilisation – back to satanism …

  • Mark Johnson

    some of the best novelty cakes I’ve seen and perfect for Halloween parties.