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13 October 2012 | By: Londonist

Art Review: Lita Cabellut @ Opera Gallery

Art Review: Lita Cabellut @ Opera Gallery

This is the second time Spanish artist Lita Cabellut has exhibited a series of portraits at Opera Gallery. This show comprises 23 pieces based on influential people from the past 150 years. Expect huge canvases of Stravinsky, Einstein, Charlie Chaplin and Marie Curie to name but four.

Drawing on her passion for the likes of Goya and Francis Bacon, these singular portraits use acrylic with other media, colourfully blended to create lifelike lips, eyes and hair. The result of her Fresco technique, warmly referred to as Cabellut's palette, is a sort of beautiful, crackled, glazed effect.

Skillfully reflecting human emotion through the mere strokes of paint on canvas, she portrays the deepest layers of whoever she chooses to anoint. Immense detail and time spent on each piece mean she succeeds in capturing the very “souls of humanity”. Her pieces are nothing short of utterly beautiful.

Lita Cabellut, A Portrait of Human Knowledge, is on at The Opera Gallery, 134 Bond Street  London, Greater London W1S 2TF until 31 October.

By Ezelle Alblas

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