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12 September 2012 | Free & Cheap | By: Lindsey

In Pictures: The Mayor's Thames Festival 2012

In Pictures: The Mayor's Thames Festival 2012

The 16th annual Thames Festival drew around 800,000 people to the waterside between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge to enjoy free arts, performance and entertainment this weekend.

A 6m high Lady Godiva led the Night Carnival which culminated in a firework finale that was beamed around the world thanks to fortuitous synchronicity with the Paralympics Closing Ceremony.

Search the Londonist Flickrpool for 'thames festival' for many more wonderful photos.

Many thanks to Pallab Seth, Dave Pearce, Seal Clubber, nigelwilliams2001, Fabio Lugaro, Jackie White, Justin Sneddon and Robin Baumgarten for sharing their photos in the Londonist Flickrpool.


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