New Design For Floating Thames Airport

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New Design For Floating Thames Airport

Architect Gensler has ploughed into the debate over London's future aviation requirements with this highly speculative, sci fi-like rendering of a floating airport in the Thames estuary.

Dubbed London Britannia Airport, the design calls for four 5km-long runways, floated into place and anchored to the riverbed, with terminals and lounges resting between them. In contrast, a rival proposal by Foster + Partners would be sited on an Estuary island built from reclaimed land. Britannia would be operational 24/7, connected to central London via underground railway tunnels and, according to Gensler, would avoid harming the local bird population, one of the prime ecological concerns surrounding 'Boris island'.

The images are impressive, replete with glistening river, celestial splendour and artistic lens reflections, and seemingly influenced more by George Lucas than Gatwick. In other words it looks totally unrealistic, and perhaps that is the point: with a projected price tag of £50 billion, don't expect to be landing on it anytime soon. Gensler has a history of unrealised riverine projects: the firm designed the floating Thames walkway that briefly wowed the Mayor last year.

As for poor old Heathrow, Gensler proposes turning it into an 'eco-city', housing up to 300,000 people in near-silent bucolic bliss (a notion backed by the Town and Country Planning Association). Meanwhile, back in reality, the Conservatives are gearing up for an internal ding-dong over whether to build a third runway or give their backing to a new Estuary airport.

Further images and information at The Verge.

Last Updated 10 September 2012

Tim Bell

Another crazy idea for the Kent people to live with, Stansted one of
the nicer airports is running at less than 50 per cent capacity and
Manston at even less, with the advantage its near to the channel ports
and fast rail link to London. and the added capacity could be up and
running today not in 10/15 years time.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, what about the fog you get in the estuary

The SS Montgomery is a real problem, I'm sorry again for the people of
Kent, because why is it OK to make it safe for an airport but not for the
people in Kent, don’t they matter?

See:- Facebook SS Richard Montgomery (the wreck)

Lucian Novosel

If only the architect would profile the 3d design through google 3d warehouse....

Pete Stean

Now if they could get it to fly they could rename it CloudBase - mind you, the Mysterons could be a problem...