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09 September 2012 | By: Tabish Khan

Art Review: Zeus's Pop Up Show @ Nancy Victor

Art Review: Zeus's Pop Up Show @ Nancy Victor

As children, many of us loved pop-up books and building model cities (usually out of lego and only to see them knocked down). Zeus is a street artist who seems never to have let go of childhood wonderment; he's developed it into something both unique and impressive.

This small exhibition consists of only six works but the ones that will hold your attention are his two model cities. Seemingly made only out of paper, they leap off the wall as if they have  'popped up' out of a book. The detail in his work is very impressive right down to the trees that feature in one of his cities.

The white minimalistic design of these installations gives them a clean and futuristic appearance. The use of the exploded view compounds the assumption that this is a design for a city of the near future.

Despite the small number of works, the cities are the impressive results of a talented artist who also has a great eye for architecture.

Zeus's Pop Up Show is on at Nancy Victor gallery, 6 Charlotte Place, W1T 1SG until 28 September. Admission is free.

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