Video: A Cyclist’s Journey Into London

This beautifully shot video shows nothing more remarkable than one man’s cycle commute into London. But Rueben AD manages to imbue his film with a hypnotic quality that compels you to watch. The six-minute short was put together over one year, with cuts from all four seasons, on his journey from Ealing through central London to Aldgate. Enjoy.

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  • Nick

    He seems to go down the Uxbridge Road through Shepherd’s Bush about four times.  Either that or those shots are in the wrong order.

  • Rueben Derrick

    Hi Nick

    It was shot over 4 seasons and so there is repetition
    of the same area, and yes I took some liberty on its chronological accuracy in
    the area you mentioned for the sake of good watching. Only the keenest eyes
    will notice 😉 After Sheppard’s bush I think I was a good boy.

  • Sam

    Really enjoyed that Rueben. Fantastically well put together and loved the tune to accompany it.

  • Ash

    Nice job. More than just the story of one man’s commute, it’s a portrait of the city.

  • Sra69

    I love this video. Great work.

  • Rix

    An adventurous start in the day, though! 😉 Stunning.

  • Chris

    I tried to do something like this, but ended up getting motion sickness everytime I tried to edit it!

  • Sarah

    Amazing work

  • Henry Lau

    Who brushes their teeth with a helmet on? LOL

    • Rueben Derrick

       Yeah my mates at work called me on that to!!! I wear a helmet all day…don’t you?

  • boristhebodger

    I especially like the bits where you’re cycling on the pavement

    • Rueben Derrick

       In Aldgate that’s a cycle lane pedestrian shared zone, the same at Shepard’s Bush intersection and at the Monument. Well at least the cycle marking on the pavement would suggest this to me.

  • Richard Mellor

    I wasn’t expecting it when the man slipped and fell over – let out a big ‘whoa’!  Terrific film, thanks for making it Rueben.

    • Rueben Derrick

       I watch that over and over again and it looks like he should have hurt himself but he was fine. It was a rock on the road, the guy biking in front moved out of the way but he didn’t have time to react and took it straight on….the rock then fires off between my 2 wheels otherwise I would be on the floor with him.

  • Freddie Newton

    Great vid Rueben, loved it apart from that poor chap coming off! Im looking at doing a similar kind of commute: acton – st pauls, how long does it take you? Cheers Fred

  • Johnny Mack

    Ruby, that was epic mate. I’m sure you could even make my commute on the tube look cool. Really well edited.