London Bridge Tests Olympic Queueing System During Jubilee

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 71 months ago
London Bridge Tests Olympic Queueing System During Jubilee

Amid the frustrations of people struggling to get the train home after Sunday's Jubilee pageant, what might not have been clear was that crowds at London Bridge were actually taking part in an Olympics test.

The SE1 website has photos of people queuing down Tooley Street and at the Duke Street Hill entrance, some rather unhelpful signage and a glimpse at the planned queueing system. Passengers wanting to use the tube were directed to Duke Street Hill, those wanting trains were asked to enter via the bus station main concourse and anyone wanting to leave was ushered towards Tooley Street or Joiner Street. If you use London Bridge take note: this system will be in action again this Thursday, when the station has a workday Olympics test run.

SE1 has also discovered that Olympics travel changes are still being made: a Network Rail briefing given to MPs indicated that London Bridge will likely be exit only 6-10pm on 30 July, and Southeastern services may not stop at the station to ease overcrowding. Neither measure is mentioned on the Get Ahead of the Games website which, annoyingly, has separate maps for tube and rail.

London Bridge isn't the only station changing how it works during the games; Waterloo will have a queueing system in place for trains towards Weymouth, St Pancras will have queues for the Javelin service and you won't be able to get to the station from the northern ticket hall, plus numerous changes to stations around Olympic venues in south east London. We can't find information on any other stations running tests though – anyone with better information, please let us know in the comments.

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Last Updated 05 June 2012

Mike W

Euston was testing on Monday.  One-way system operating, so long walk from the tube to the London Midland platforms which meant climb up steps rather than escalator or lift, then up to the main concourse.  Good job I had no luggage, but surely this is unnecessary?


On Sunday also last minute 1-way tweaks pm at Waterloo, Vauxhall, Queenstown Rd, Battersea Pk. 

Very little contingency - could really use 'station ' reopened at Spa Rd Bermondsey (most trains get stopped there anyway and it would provide turn-back if LBG gets congested, and free cross-over for FCC trains - Passengers can transfer to Jamaica Road or Bermondsey JLE

Another station for reserve should be Maiden Lane where slow route from Stratford passes just 300m from the end of platforms at St Pancras.  If tunnels have failure (and they have in past) options to use high capacity Overground trains from Stratford to St Pancras.  If a station can be built in a week for Workington.....

A further reserve detail which could have helped when Tube went down on Sunday at Finsbury Park (and also when Moorgate Branch goes wonky) is to run a limited shuttle service between Canonbury and Finsbury Park, 1 Overground train should be sufficient to keep crews route signed, and shuttle between these points (or extend a service from New Cross or Stratford) For a big Gunners match the New Cross connection could provide through trains.


Talking about things not mentioned on the getaheadofthegames website, is a whole station near Stratford that will be closed for the entire olympic games. The only way I knew about Maryland being closed, was when I read a paper leaflet that came through my door. It is obvious that they still really don't know what they're doing!