New Banksy With Bunting In Wood Green High Road

By Lindsey Last edited 73 months ago
New Banksy With Bunting In Wood Green High Road

A new Banksy has appeared on the side of the Poundland store on Wood Green High Road near Turnpike Lane station in north London.

This photo was taken by Luke Giles and posted by Richard McKeever on local forum Bowes and Bounds Connected while it still had its bunting attached along the wall yesterday - there's a wider angle photo here.

As Richard notes, it "looks like a comment on the upcoming Jubilee celebrations, maybe a reference to the London 2012 Olympics - and its siting in Wood Green High Road may have a resonance with the street disturbances and looting of last summer." What do you think?

How long the bunting will linger or the piece survive undefaced or un-perspexed remains to be seen.

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Last Updated 15 May 2012


Disappointed that the word graffiti or vandal doesn't appear in this article......


I cycled past this morning, and the bunting is gone.

I'd say it's more of a comment on the jubilee than on the Olympics, although all it needs to change that would be a paid of trainers instead of the bunting (and maybe a set of Olympic rings, although that would probably get it painted over before you could say "but is it art?")

Lindsey Berthoud

Many thanks to Richard who just told me that the photograph is actually by Luke Giles. The article has been amended to reflect this. 

Le Chat

Child labour making miles of jubilee bunting sold in Poundland?


Sums up the New World Order . Dictators smile and are seen as harmless celebrities . Reality is the Queen is the Richest person on the Planet. It having come from Murder,Rape and Pillage and impoverishing the poor.


I like it, It's possible to see this piece? Where?, Thanks

Richard McKeever

This Banksy artwork has been placed on the route of the Olympic torch relay (see for Map of Haringey section)

The relay will be passing this point on the afternoon / evening of July 25th on route to Ally Pally.


This is well subversive yeah?


Why he used the union flag I have no idea but he has made few friends and a lot of enemies now.


Quite obvious why he has used the Union Flag- It represents The Empire. It represents HM Queen- The Richest Person in the World and The Person who owns the most Land. Perhaps these 'enemies' wish to give some consideration as to what exactly they are supporting and in favour of-and why they feel it is benefit to them.. Those who salute the Union Flag live in a contry that is not theirs-It belongs to their Sovereign- Someone who is unelected and unremovable through Democratic means. Same definition as a Dictatorship-wouldn't you say? 

Andy 'all

In all ways, this is art. I don't think there will be any coincidences with imagery, placement or timing.

Julie Shrive

Shouldn't this be near Brick Lane near the Rag trade ? Or is  Poundland  no longer -  now Traid with  the latest work  as a it comment  on the economic issues of  the Commonwealth [ Empire? ] How multicultural was the Pageant for those  with other cultural roots  who  are born  here or is the system still patronising  ? Surely this  latest offering  makes a valid point. 


I think there are also references here to UK manufacturing industry not only to child labour and pound land but to UK having lost its manufacturing industry now imports but doesnt support its own. 

Richard McKeever

That didn't last long!overnight a section of wall with the art work was chopped out of the building and removed... "To keep it safe".

Picture here:


The crulest of the realities.