Four Mayoral Candidates…Knitted

Four of the main candidates for Mayor of London pose for our camera in Londonist towers this morning. As with other recent campaign events, the quartet couldn’t resist bickering. Ken Livingstone accused current Mayor Boris Johnson of woolly thinking. Brian Paddick argued that Ken was losing the thread with his far-fetched yarns. Boris had no purls of wisdom, and sensible Jenny Jones refused to have her campaign summarised in a silly yarn-based pun.

The four candidates (you may have seen Boris and Ken before) were created by Heather Brown, whose other knitted characters can be seen here. The UKIP, BNP and Independent candidates have once again been excluded from the limelight, but the art of knitting makes no claims to democracy. It’s a stitch-up.

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  • Dave H

    So good.

  • London Remembers

    Wonderful.  If only the real things were as cuddlesome, and capable of being
    sat on.

  • Catherine Rogan

    They are far more adorable in yarn than in life

  • The String Empire

    LOVE!  Especially Boris’ hair. Wonderful.