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06 March 2012 | Film & Tv | By: Londonist

Preview: Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Preview: Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Imagine you were prohibited from seeing your beloved just because you have different cultural backgrounds. Or that you had acid thrown in your face when divorcing your spouse. Or you had to swim endless miles in rough sea, hoping for a liveable life on the other side of the ocean. If you manage to reach the coast...

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival, through 15 documentaries and 4 dramas, gives an overview of how difficult life can be in parts of the world where basic human rights cannot be taken for granted. This year's festival is organised around four themes: development, environment and the global economy; migrants' rights and racism; personal testimony and witnessing; and women's rights.

The opening screening, 5 Broken Cameras, documents one Palestinian village's struggle against violence and oppression and takes place at Curzon Mayfair on 21 March at 6.45pm.

Other screenings such as Colour of the Ocean, which is a story of a father and son, African refugees whose paths collide with those of an altruistic tourist and a Canary Island police officer, will be shown at Curzon Soho and the Brixton Ritzy.

The Price of Sex about young Eastern European women drawn into a world of sex trafficking and abuse can be seen at the ICA, alongside other documentaries such as Special Flight and Family Portrait in Black and White.

Many of the films will be followed by Q&A sessions with filmmakers, and some by panel discussions with experts and film subjects.

The Human Rights Watch Film Festival takes place 21-30 March. Ticket prices vary between £10 and £12.50 depending on the venue. For the detailed programme, please visit the Festival's homepage.

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