Hungerford Bridge Skateboard Graveyard Disturbed

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Hungerford Bridge Skateboard Graveyard Disturbed

Next time you're crossing Hungerford Bridge on the downstream side, take a look over the edge of the southern support pier. You'll notice dozens of shattered skateboards. This is the Skateboard Graveyard, the final resting place of many a cherished deck, broken during ill-judged stunts in the undercroft beneath the nearby Queen Elizabeth Hall, and flung from the bridge onto this wheely Valhalla.

Alistair Leak sends us this recent photo of the graveyard, in which the roller-relics have been grouped into a large 'number one' shape. Who's behind it? Is this an act of art, commemoration or desecration? Let us know below if you have any more info on this subcultural shuffle.

Last Updated 12 March 2012


this should have been left alone - it's like making a shape out of a load of dead bodies dude - layers of plywood have a soul too!


not necessarily ill-judged stunts, sometimes the boards just get worn out and snap under pressure

sk8ers mom

Leave it alone, it's a piece of art ~!!!


It's gone now, cleaned up for the Olympics


It could be a memorial to Tim Baxter, a skateboarder who was murdered on Hungerford Bridge in 1999.