Mapped: London’s Best Coffee Shops

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After a brief and fairly lousy experience going cold turkey on caffeine, we’ve found ourselves addicted anew to the potent beans, and are re-launching our London Blend series this week, in which we seek out some of the capital’s finer coffee establishments.

But first, a quick gastronomic trip down memory lane. Above is a map of all the places we’ve visited so far. We’ll be adding to it in the coming months, and if you’ve got a particular recommendation you think we should know about, drop it in the comments.

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  • Dave Hodgkinson

    Soho and Camden need much better coverage. Heck, Kentish Town is up and coming too. Sacred Café is excellent though :)

    • Mark Walley

      Agreed, while it may seem those areas get the most coverage, they have so many coffee shops it’s hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones without lots of trial and error. I’d add Fitzrovia into the same list (particular recommend the Scandi Kitchen for a start).

  • Dave

    Where is Milkbar, Flat White and Foxcroft & Ginger?

    • Patrick in London

      My thoughts exactly…

      • Dean Nicholas

        We’ll get round to them eventually, but Milkbar and FW in particular are the sina qua non of good coffee shops in London — we’re trying to discover the less-well known spots.

        • Matt Hannigan

          Caravan in Exmouth Market…. definitely up there with the best in our fair capital.

  • Paolo Barone

    You are missing Caffe Vergnano! Best coffee (italian) in London by far!!!!!

    • Craig Pask

      Second that.

  • Sarah

    Zealand Rd Coffee in Bethnal Green is a shock omission – check it out!

  • Joe McNally

    Google Maps reckons that Toasted on Parkway closed about a year ago.

    • Dean Nicholas

      Ah, thanks for that, Joe — we’ll remove it from the map.

  • Phoney

    No Wild And Wood in Holborn. And how do I get this on my phone?

    • Phoney

       By ‘on my phone’ I mean, saving it to my Google maps for later use. Can we get a full link to the main map? Clicking the Google icon on the map above goes to an icon-less map

      • Dean Nicholas

        The link was mistakenly omitted, sorry about that; it’s back in now.

  • Chinner

    dose does incredible coffee but the people are so rude!

  • Carlo

     Maison Bertaux in soho is a nice little spot.

  • Whodabexta

    The London Particular, New Cross!

  • Paulmcglone

    Caffe Freddo, Ealing is really good –

    • Tom

      Another vote for Cafe Freddo here, though they’ve recently changed their name to the Electric Coffee Company

  • lamachine

    Browns of Brockley, best flat white and millionaire shortbread in London.  Also Dark Fluid @Brockley Market every Saturday. 

  • Clivetilley

    Prufock on Leather Lane

  • max

    Artisan Coffee in Putney are pretty great – incredible cakes and pastries as well as excellent coffee. 

  • Alex

    Flat Cap Coffee Fleet St, corner of Fetter Lane…. not a coffee “shop”, but a coffee cart with seats right next to St Dunstan’s. Monday to Friday only, better in good weather!

    • Tashclayton

      I’ve just clicked through to this article specifically to add Flat Cap Coffee – about half of our office go there now on a very regular basis

  • WRCandC

    Not a very good list alot of the best coffee shops I’n london not there but alot of average ones on it!:-(

  • Finton Stack

    Have to second Browns of Brockley, London Particular by New Cross station, and Dark Fluid in Brockley Market.

  • Eats Dulwich

    Great to see Bambuni and No. 67 on there flying the flag for SE London. I’d also add Homemade on Barry Road, East Dulwich (SE22), Dark Fluid at Brockley Market, Lewisham Way (Saturdays only) and Zenoria in the ED Warehouse, East Dulwich (SE22).

  • Foucault’s Shallot

    Taylor St Barristas in the City?

  • Anonymous

    St Ali on Clerkenwell Road is supposed to be very good, but then I don’t drink coffee…

    • Olycoysh

       I had one last Saturday. I can confirm it’s good. Not Monmouth, but good.

  • ok computer

    Speakeasy in Soho, Pimlico Fresh, Taylor Street Baristas, Kaffeine, Lantana

  • James

    Monmouth coffee on Maltby Street is clearly the best, get yourselves sorted Londonist!

    • James

      Sorry, you’ve already got Monmouth, wrong one though – this one doubles up as they’re production site so it’s also a really interesting place to go

  • Judyleer68

    Yumcha in Camden Lock is FAB!!! Its a real retreat from the hustle and bustle while you eat handmade cakes and HUGE artisan rolls and sandwiches that are freshly made to order while you sip your soya chai latte.

  • Hornbyrob

    Some of the best coffee in London has been tasted at Columbia rd flower market. The small hole in the wall one being a fav

  • Mikey B

    All about cafe fredo, i just bought a new coffee machine from and at the recommendation of one of the staff and i couldnt have been happier, im not sure if they get some of there supplies from there but it tasted the same.

  • WorkSnug

    Great list! I would definitely add Caravan. If you want to see a map of London coffee shops with wifi check out our website: Actually, we could do with adding a lot of your suggestions! Thanks

  • coffeedave

    Ground Control, Amwell Street – just opened.  And very very good.

    • Craig Pask

      Definitely second Ground Control, sublime Ethiopian coffee.  

  • Ottoandsusannah

    There is a great cafe in Queenstown Road in Battersea in what was presumably the old ticket office.  It’s tiny, but has all the fancy paraphernalia that you can see in, for example, Notes.  Also Federation in Brixton Village is very good.

  • Bon Vivant Concierge

    I would agree with a few of the comments that Caravan on Exmouth Market should be added to the lost, especially now that they offer a take away service as well. the flat whites are great!


  • Craig Pask

    Bermondsey Street hosts two excellent coffee houses, the Bermondsey Street Coffee Papua New Guinean caffeine hit is tops and the venue is good if a little crowded these days. AND Caphe House for Vietnamese coffee and fresh croissants! 

  • Suehughes

    On the east side of town my favourite coffee shop is Kilikya’s, a Turkish coffee shop underneath The Ivory House in St Katharine Docks – great coffee and tasty Meze all served with a smile with a fabulous view of the yacht marina – nowhere to beat it on a sunny day!

  • Stuparich

    Take a trip south to Lee Green for Dark Fluid coffee at With Jam and Bread on Lee High Road…

  • Alachua

    For everyday in life, for every stressful days at work or in school, every individuals needs to get relax. One simple way is to go to a coffee shop and enjoy a cup of coffee to make things easier. :) Me myself keep doing that, because It’s the only time for me to give my self in-spite of my hectic schedule. A cup of coffee for every success and trials in life. Cheers!


  • Cola Richmond

    Bar Italia?! best coffee in London since 1949

  • forrestgumping

    Notably missing is also Joe and the Juice (originally on Broadwick Street, Soho and now expanded to Kings Road).  Great coffee…loveliest people.

  • VYvy

    I really loke the new cafe which recently opened in bow xalled Muxima. I lived in seartle for quite awhile and Muixma has the feel of the coffee shops in seattle. The coffee iw very good too.

  • matilda33

    My new favourite is The Association.

    amazing coffee and super friendly service. great tasty fresh food too.about time we had a change in cafes like this.can se whats happening daily on twitter which is also super ! The Association Coffee
    The Association is a cafe based in the city of London. Brewing a selection of specialty coffee and teas.
    10-12 Creechurch Ln, EC3A 5AY ·

  • LBC

    Cafe Viva, Choumert Rd Peckham SE15, great cakes and bakes and fantastically sourced coffee

  • Mark Williams

    Taylor St, Cafe Vergnano, Association are the best for me in London.

  • clivelamb

    If you’re serious about the sourcing, the roast, the grind, the brew and the attitude of the guy preparing your cup/glass of liquid gold I strongly urge you to seek out Comingsoon @ Exhibit on Goswell south of Old. The limited opening hours (8.30-9.30 and 100-2.00) may test your devotion to the bean but if you’re not won over by the single-origin taste then your taste buds are probably beyond salvation.

  • clivelamb

    Checking out Protein and Giddy Up tomorrow. Report in due course …

  • Skatescombsie

    I have been going to a little Italian cafe in Swiss Cottage
    recently which is newly opened. It’s called Gastronomia la Delizia.  The coffee there is very delicious, the best
    I’ve had in North London – and it’s so hard to find a good coffee in North
    London!!! So this place has become my regular. 
    They have a deli there with Italian meats and cheeses and I’ve also
    sampled some of their pasta dishes, which were again really delicious – simple
    but extremely well done, for example the gnocchi with pesto  gives me cravings whenever I think of it now!
    This is a great place with friendly staff who are passionate about Italian food
    and coffee. It should be tried by many!! It’s on Fairfax road in Swiss Cottage
    if you fancy trying it out!

  • dal

    With jam and bread in Lee Green serves seriously good dark fluid coffee

  • Mike Fitzpatrick
  • Tristan Welch

    The Fleet Street Press opposite the royal courts of justice!

  • Alex Holborne

    Soko Coffee in St Albans – ACE!

  • Milk

    Would it be possible to add a note about whether they use organic milk or not? That would be tremendously helpful! Thanks.

    • Dean Nicholas

      In a word…. no.

  • Stefan Ferreira

    We need more coverage of South London too. In particular, there are some interesting and independent places opening up in Forest Hill. This one is a beautifully designed retro place with great coffee, excellent ambience and a quaint outside space: It’s fairly new but well worth a visit.

  • Sionny Syuydy Dionnemry

    And what about Gastronomia la delizia in Swiss Cottage? Amazing espresso! and a really Italian velvety hot chocolate !