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20 February 2012 | News, Transport | By: Dean Nicholas

Blackfriars Tube Station Re-Opens

Blackfriars Tube Station Re-Opens

A few days ahead of the previously-advertised date (albeit months later than originally planned) Blackfriars Tube station re-opened to passengers this morning. Click through the gallery above for photos from our pre-rush hour visit.

Fresh from a closure that lasted three years, Blackfriars has been completely rebuilt. The station now sports cream tiling throughout, replacing the Seventies-looking brown and orange pattern of its previous incarnation (see Homemade's pictures for an idea of how it used to look). There are new lifts between the ticket hall and platform level, four escalators, and a greatly enlarged ticket hall, part of a new entrance to the station complex.

With the new Bankside entrance to Blackfriars rail station opening last year, the three-year rebuilding project is slowly coming to a close. The new Thames-spanning platforms should be finished in the first half of 2012, bringing the project to a close.

Dean Nicholas

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Did they leave the scaffolding up by accident on the entrance, or is that on purpose? :p

M P L Muresan

A rather more constructive question than the preceding one is this: is it possible to exit from the Underground station onto the South Bank by walking alongside the National Rail platforms across the bridge WITHOUT paying more upon touching out on Bankside?  In order to understand why the answer to this is not obvious, refer to the situation at Southwark, where in order to access Waterloo East National Rail from the Underground entrance, one needs to pay something.


yes, much as the way you walk through southwark from waterloo east  


Can anybody explain why this took THREE YEARS?


Whilst of course Network Rail (who did this work not TfL) also rebuilt and massively expanded the station upstairs, whilst keeping many services running. Certainly not bad going.

Ian Curry

Hi Dean - thanks for the speedy update and pics - I used to commute into Blackfriars, so am looking forward to seeing what they've done to the old tube station in person. Do you happen to know what (if anything) happened to the proposals to rename the whole station Blackfriars and Bankside? I think one of the south London MPs was pushing for a change, but it might have been shelved. 


Much better than the old one! Am going to the V and A museum on Monday 27th February. Am going to take the train and am going to pass through Blackfriars!!!!!!!