Rap Dedication To Pat Butcher Off Of Eastenders

Hip hop artist Jester Jacobs sings a 7-minute tribute to the late Albert Square resident. In his own phrasing: “The words you are about to hear were not written, they poured out of my soul. Most of this was done in one take since the emotion is still so raw.”

You’re not a proper Londoner unless you listen all the way to the end. Seriously. Rest in Peace, Pat Butcher 1942-2012.

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  • Dann

    this made me cry

  • http://twitter.com/eyetie Franco Milazzo

    Just brilliant. Also worth listening to is this Pat v Peg mashup from 2006: 

  • http://twitter.com/Ruttledge Sean Ruttledge

    Epic Obit

  • Fass

    this is that ill shit

  • Efle