Boris No Longer Mayor, According To Lonely Planet

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 77 months ago
Boris No Longer Mayor, According To Lonely Planet

Have Apple been in the development lab again, coming up with a time travel device (which we're currently calling the iDeLorean) and lending it to Lonely Planet? Today's iTunes 12 Days of Christmas app giveaway is LP's Best in Travel 2012 guide.

London is featured, naturally; not just because we are awesome but because there are one or two minor events happening this year. But they also seem to have information we don't... the people at (thanks to them for the screenshot) spotted this bit of copy:

Recent fad
Londoners have been quick to embrace Boris Bikes. Informally named after the former mayor who launched the scheme, Boris Johnson, these three-geared, blue-and-grey bad boys have quickly become a familiar sight.

We know! Fad? How dare they! Oh, hang on, the other bit... former Mayor? Do Lonely Planet have a blackmail dossier they're planning to unleash in April? Is this a comment on Boris's alleged hands-off approach to the Mayoralty? Has Ken slipped them a tenner?

Last Updated 05 January 2012

Dean Nicholas

Also, "recent"? I mean, they've been on the streets for nearly 18 months now...

Thom Beckett

Lonely Planet are owned by BBC Worldwide, so it's probably part of that huge liberal elite leftist plot thing that we keep hearing so much about.

Charles Pottins

Could Boris not become a "former mayor" without being replaced by Ken or any of the other party candidates?  The Tories might decide to replace their dumb blonde with a person having more gravitas, like the ever-lovable and ambitious Brian Coleman from Barnet.
Councillor Coleman has been known for his generous support to the taxi trade (record travel expenses) and his ability to get along with the capital's firefighters (he chairs the committee responsible and arranges members' lavish lunches to which he brings along his mum). As a Barnet councillor he has also endeared himself to residents by ensuring that the fewer services the council can provide, the higher its top councillors are paid -"because we are worth it".
On second thoughts perhaps Boris feels with that with Brian as next contender his job remains pretty safe.  .