Santa’s Lap: The Naked Cabbie Calendar

Every day until Christmas we will be pointing you in the direction of a London Christmas gift that (with a bit of luck) you won’t already have on your list. Climb up onto our collective lap and we’ll see what we can move from our sack to your stockings…

Need a last minute Secret Santa or stocking filler? We have the perfect thing: a 2012 calendar full of naked cab drivers, photographed on or near their cabs, on a cold winter’s day with naught but their favourite street sign to cover their crown jewels.

It’s not exactly Les Dieux du Stade but it’s certainly eye-catching and – um – full of character.

The desktop calendar has been produced to promote cab hailing app GetTaxi and profit from sales will be donated to the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, which promotes personal safety.

It’s priced at just £3. Buy it online via JustGiving but if you need it in your hands to wrap and give this weekend, you can buy it direct from some London black cabs.

However, with regard to personal safety, do please be careful when approaching black cab drivers and asking to buy naked pictures of them.

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