New Banksy Street Art Around London

Whether your stance on Banksy is ‘boring’ or ‘OMG!’, new works always attract attention.

This week three new pieces of his trademark graffiti adorn London — there are ostriches on the side of the National Gallery, a satirical consumerist message on a wall in Poplar and a Spitalfields street sign bears a new spin on the rat race.

Why the flurry of activity? Perhaps it’s merely a gift to us all at Christmas. And speaking of Christmas, take a look at his ‘online shop’ for a gift idea to grace the stocking of any street savvy new parent in your life.

Want more? Have a shufty at our Banksy archives.

Many thanks to AdversMedia who put the shot of the Poplar Banksy in the Londonist Flickrpool

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  • Dean Nicholas

    There was apparently one in Wapping too, though it didn’t last long:

  • Anonymous

    yawn. (at new banksy, not the post)

  • Wykah

    The rat on Bell Lane – Gone. 
    The ostrich camera thing? – Gone.

    • David Brown

      Removed due to copyright infringement by Blek le Rat.

  • Anonymous

    If these have disappeared then shame.  Why do councils and some people have an aversion to graffiti?  I love it, and I’m OLD!!  So what’s the big deal.  I think graffiti is an art form and there are loads of talented people who produce great pieces. 

  • Anonymous

    Ooops, me again, had a senior moment – I meant to say Street Art as well as graffiti.  All good.

  • Johndunn1988

    someone finally blasted the ‘anywhere’ dude at Archway. that’s a shame, it’s just painted all over

  • EngelbertHumperdinck

    The one in Poplar is still there!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s some street art I photographed in OKC yesterday. It’s like a new year’s message; however, the message on the green brick has already been painted over.

  • Anonymous
  • Ellengrefberg

    The one in poplar has been there for months. 

  • Patemanray

    Sadly, two of the new Banksy’s you reported are now absent.  The one on
    the National Gallery has been comprehensively cleaned off – not a shadow
    remains.  And I walked the length of Bell Lane and could see no trace
    of the one shown.  March 2012

  • Mike

    Banksy is great, this is a fabulous take on our current society, great show now on in London worth a visit

  • Mike

    Great piece Banksy! Good show on now at