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08 December 2011 | By: tikichris

In Pictures: Inside the Olympic Athletes' Village

In Pictures: Inside the Olympic Athletes' Village

For anyone who remembers Stratford pre-2005, the glammed up architectural zoo of the Westfield/Olympic Village landscape must boggle the mind. With the nearing completion of tower blocks aplenty to be used for housing the coming world-class athletes from across the globe, the Stratford skyline continues to transform.

Possibly some of the last photos to be taken by the public as the area is soon to enter “lockdown” for final preparations, here's a peek inside the Olympic Athletes' Village, or “East Village” as the project's developers and owners would prefer you to call the place, as they make sure everything stays in line for when the 2,000 plus units are “ready for living by 2013” when the pop-up village enters post-Olympics legacy phase.

Photos/Chris Osburn


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