Boxing Day Tube Strike Ballot Over Quadruple Pay Demand

Rachel Holdsworth
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Boxing Day Tube Strike Ballot Over Quadruple Pay Demand

Oh, for the love of... not again? Tube drivers' union Aslef are balloting members over strike action on Boxing Day if they don't get quadruple pay for the bank holiday.

In what's threatening to turn into an annual event, the union says it is seeking "‘adequate compensation’ for members working on such an unsociable day". Well, yes; but quadruple pay (triple pay plus a day in lieu)? Has Aslef forgotten that TfL is not exactly swimming in cash at the moment? A Boxing Day strike, days before fares take a roughly 8% hike, on the first day of the sales when retailers are already struggling, might be termed "taking the piss".

London Underground say they've reduced staffing requirements so fewer union members will need to spend time away from their families, while reminding Aslef of the "long-standing agreement with all of its trade unions which cover staff working arrangements on bank holidays, and Boxing Day is included in that agreement". Ironically, from TfL's engineering plan it looks like they're trying to keep as much of zone 1 open as they can (the Circle line is running for a start). So much for that idea.

Talks are ongoing and Aslef will have the results of the ballot on 14th December. They have to give 7 days' notice of any strike. In the meantime, we'd love to hear if anyone else is working Boxing Day, and what pay they're getting...

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Last Updated 14 November 2011


Also worth remembering - no Heathrow overground trains this Boxing Day because of engineering works, so without that or Picadilly Line, how will people get to the airport to see family etc? Nightmare!


There are a lot of jobs where it is required to work unsociable days but the unions are just holding TFL to ransom because of the potential impact a strike will have. In many other industries, if you don't like the terms then you just find another job. I am all for fair pay... but what about fair travel prices and a service for people who are travelling at Christmas? The staff aren't affected by the price increases as they all get free travel... a very valuable perk!


As a London bus driver I will be working on boxing day for less you do not hear us complaining,
It's always left to the bus service to pick up the public that London underground have let down,
All London underground are doing making public angry.
It won't be long before driverless trains will come in and london underground drivers only have themselves to blame when they become unemployed greedy git.


Network Rail trains don't run on Boxing Day so why shouldn't the drivers get more? After all it's the corporations telling us to spend, spend, spend straight away after Christmas to bump up the profits. Also nobody mentions how working on Boxing Day impacts on a drivers Christmas Day too, if a driver has more than two (under 4%) pints of beer he will be unfit for work on Boxing Day and how many of would like that at Christmas eh? I could mention many other reasons as to why their demands are more than fair but instead I'll leave you with a thought, rather than putting the drivers down how about we see their conditions and demands as to how we should all be treated and start working towards better conditions for us all, after all the 'boss class', bankers and polute-itions have fantastic conditions and what do really do?