Video: Tottenham Riots – Burning North London Skies

It may have been chaos on the streets and mayhem on the social media streams but this time-lapse film captures the beauty of the north London sky as Tottenham’s fires burned through the night, complete with helicopters buzzing in and out like fireflies.

Thanks to Alex Fish for the tip off.

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  • Pete

    Can you see the UFOs with their alien-like teleport beams!!

  • Samkinnis

    The violence is just the tip of the iceberg I am afraid, as the populace has had enough already with the lack of representation. This exact situation exists in a lot of places around the world, where the people are being not only oppressed, they are also being manipulated to the ends of the wealthy thru advertising. Never in history have we had such an oppressed world population….It is beginning to unravel in a many different places, For more info, feel free to contact me.

    Just my 2 cents


  • Julia Kite

    That’s not beautiful. That’s people’s livelihoods up in smoke. That’s people’s flats being reduced to ash. That’s all the progress Tottenham has made since Broadwater Farm being undone. That is hope disappearing and residents being terrified. Stop romanticising a tragedy.

    • Lindsey

      There was no intention to make light of what’s happening on the ground, Julia. The video in abstract – its unusual perspective on the situation and eerie discordant soundtrack – is moving and strangely beautiful.

      • Guest

        Except to us it isn’t abstract, it’s our lives. Gimme a bell when your flat burns down and i’ll pop round with a camcorder and make a beautiful film.