Street Art Of The Olympic Park

Never mind the Cultural Olympiad. There’s plenty of art around the Olympic Park already. We circumnavigated the great building site at the weekend, photographing the street art around the perimeter. Most of it’s on the Lee Navigation, and much of the decoration is by the Burning Candy Crew. And then there was that giant Stik we mentioned a couple of days ago. Will it still be there one year from now? Click through the gallery above for a guide.

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  • Scott Young

    It is usually safe though I would avoid flashy jewelry, wear modest clothing, always carry a cell phone with camera, and stay in the more commercial areas.

  • solace

    Hackney Wick is a great place to go painting, I’m sure once the olympics draws ever closer, the graff will slowly get buffed away and the Wick will turn into some commissioned street art gallery, which I don’t hate, but in the Wick its not just commissions, its still writers, writing for fun going out late night bombin…

  • VoiceOfNormality

    This just looks awful, reminds me of downtown LA. It is not art, it is graffiti.