Bob The Angel Tube Cat Has A Book Deal

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 82 months ago
Bob The Angel Tube Cat Has A Book Deal
Bob and James Bowen on the 73 bus / photo by Andrew Bulhak
Bob and James Bowen on the 73 bus / photo by Andrew Bulhak
Photo by Andrew Bulhak
Photo by Andrew Bulhak
This might be our favourite photo, Bob looks so happy / photo by Andrew Bulhak
This might be our favourite photo, Bob looks so happy / photo by Andrew Bulhak

Followers of Annie Mole's blog may be familiar with Bob, the ginger cat who hangs out with Big Issue seller James Bowen outside Angel tube station. James found the injured Bob last year, took care of him and now the two are inseparable, with the cat even travelling around London with him - as spotted by eagle-eyed Flickr pool contributor Andrew Bulhak last month on a 73 bus.

And now Annie Mole reports that Bob has a book deal! Hodder will publish A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets of London next March. This cat is such an obvious dude that we wish them all the best and hope it becomes a runaway bestseller - but don't start taking taxis, we wouldn't want to remove the only public-transport-taking cat from the city's mean buses.

Last Updated 04 August 2011

William K Wallace

If a down and out cat can get a book deal ... there is hope for all of us! I love a story with a happy ending...

Jennie Filer

This has put such a smile on my face :) 

Cynthia Vanzella

Omg, that's amazing.

Jason M Hirst

Fantastic news, I DO hope James isn't ripped off though, it would be a shame for someone to take advantage of him.


Good for you Bob and James. Thoroughly deserve it. James is always so polite and friendly and his cat is just awesome.

Simon Stanley

Get this cat off the bus immediately! Some of us are very allergic to them! A nice story, but cats on buses? Too far...

Michael Copeland

Simon Stanley, simple.. don't ride the frakkin bus you tafford.


What a cute story. I remember seeing Bob at Angel. Good luck to you both. Don't forget an invite to the book launch


"now the two are inseparable" - because he has the cat on a lead!! 

Georgina Kaye

Meow meow meow, meow meow.


Three or so years ago, my room mate Mick Farren and I obtained a rescue cat, sight unseen. It was a little ginger bastard, the last of a litter found in a parking garage. His mum had died of antifreeze poisoning. First coincidence: the woman who dropped him off was the sister I'd never met of a friend who had passed away from AIDS a decade earlier... cut to the room mate and the cat move to Brighton last year, and I contemplate rescuing a cat and telling my boyfriend he just "appeared." Second coincidence: No sooner had I had the thought, that a ginger bastard appeared in the backyard, his stomach so bloated I thought it was a pregnant female. I was never a cat person, but he is an angel, now christened HP (Hungry Pants) Lovecat. Third coincidence: after posting pictures of his antics, my uncle in far away North Dakota, who I have not seen in the flesh in two decades, writes to tell me he looks exactly like the cat who followed him home from a forest when he was a small boy. And if you notice, cats on greeting cards (at least in the US, I have noticed) are mostly ginger ones... There's just SOMETHING magic about the gingers!


"Congratulations Bob.  I'm so glad your human rescued you and you have changed his life.  You are a miracle kitty ... just sayin'.  love, your friend Fatboy Babushka".

Biliana A. Rousseva

<3 <3 <3 There's nothing else I can add.


Just read the book, what a star,  well actually two stars, well done to James for kicking the habit and for a brilliant read, I read it in a day. 


I wish you luck, Bob and James. I know the "edgy and pleading" sensation: too much lonliness in the world. I'm reading the book; it's touching and encouraging. Cats are special creatures. I've been living with my kitty for 18! years now. Ánimo James, from Spain.