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01 June 2011 | Food & Drink, Free & Cheap | By: tikichris

More Free Burritos: This Time At Tortilla, Hammersmith

In the future, burritos will be free to Londoners as Mexican fast food joints try to eat out a profit from the margins made selling beverages and sides.

Or at least, that's the sense we're getting these days. First there was the new Chancery Lane Chilango giveaway launch and now, tomorrow's official opening of the new Tortilla on King Street in Hammersmith.

But don't expect anything quite like street party atmo of the mega-give Chilango put on. Unless they yield to pressure, the sixth resto in the Tortilla chain will put a wrap on the freebie fest after the 1000th burrito's been ordered.

The giveaway starts at noon tomorrow (Thursday 2 June) at Tortilla, 6A King Street, W6 0QA. Visit www.tortilla.co.uk to find out more.

Bill Earner

Weird, you seem almost bitter that somebody is giving away free food. Sounds pretty snarky to me. 

Bill Earner

Fair enough, everyone entitled to an opinion. Re-reading it I guess I just find it strange that the first para focuses on how companies will make/not make money by giving away burritos rather than giving the details of the giveaway (which admittedly the last para does). The third para implies that 1000 free burritos is no big thing, that they'll definitely cap it at 1000, and that it won't be as good as Chilango's similar Cinco de Mayo which seems to be an irrelevant point. Dunno, maybe just me but I'd think that free, decent food would be the entire story, the other negativity irrelevant...