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25 May 2011 | Books & Poetry | By: M@

What's On David Cameron's DVD And Book Shelf?

What's On David Cameron's DVD And Book Shelf?

One of the more unexpected aspects of the state visit is an opportunity to speculate on the Prime Minister's reading and viewing habits. An official White House photo captured the Camerons' bookshelves behind the First Lady and Samantha Cameron. The images are a little blurry, but some titles can be discerned.

Shelf 1

We can clearly make out a couple of seasons of 24 there in the middle, but can you identify any of the others?

Shelf 2

Shelf 3


Paris interiors, Arts and Artists, and the Family Cookbook are among the non-controversial titles we can make out, alongside a Brideshead Revisited box set.

So, childish but fun game of the day: can you work out any of the other items in the Cameron media library?


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Desperate Housewives :)


Almost certain the Lost Season 1 boxset is on the first shelf. (Big grey box.)
I'm wondering, did they display the US shows prominently in honour of this visit?

Alison Charlton

Only a few books. Can't see any fiction. See Camerons have complete works of Shakespeare. Looks like carefully selected range to me......


And a Michael Mcintyre DVD in the book section.


Yes Man


The big gold box on the 'Books' photo is the VHS boxset of Star Wars.


Kill bill??


To the left of the star wars boxset is Band of Brothers


I think it's an IKEA bookshelf (the Leksvik in black, to be precise).


Over in the cookbook section, with the coloured pie chart on the spine, the Flavour Thesaurus. 


The Flavour Thesaurus is a few volumes left of the Family Cookbook

Amy Georgina

How sad, that only ones I can spot are the Spongebob Squarepants ones on Shelf 3.


The grey book with what looks like a pie chart could be The Flavour Thesaurus.


I spy Desperate housewives, Merlin and Scream on shelf 3

VML London

"Complete Works of William Shakespeare" is the fat hardback on the bottom shelf


Is this the Number 10 appartment? Nice!


Well I don;t see no Ragged trousered Philanthropists


I think the grey box on shelf 1 is Lost season 1, and the yellow box on shelf 2 is Ugly Betty season 1.


shelf 1 middle 24

Art Swift

Yep....  you better clean up your house when the whole world is watching. No matter if you are  famous or infamous. then it up to you what you will become?

Martin Greaney

Think I can see a Family Guy on shelf 2.


'Paris Interior@Hari_60 on the very bottom right.


Is that The Joy of Sex I can see in there?


Shelf 1 with orange top cloudy with a chance of meatballs..


Terence Conran's 'The Essential House Book' bottom shelf, fourth one in on the left


Teenwolf 2


Shelf 2, 7th from the right: Babel

Prince Russel

Band of Brothers (blueray version) is in the books section and bride wars on the 2nd shelf

Janey Stapes

Band of brothers


Little Miss Sunshine on Shelf 1, I think.

A Outten

The kid's Disney DVDs are on the (child-friendly) third-shelf-down (Bambi's the one in green :- )

Too Much Time

Okay, so I can make out: Layer Cake, Lost, The Thick Of It, Troy, Boys Don't Cry, The Blair Witch Project, Babel, 24, Goodfellas, Family Guy, Sceam, Desperate Housewives, Armageddon,