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14 April 2011 | News, Transport | By: M@

Ken Livingstone Mulls District Line Extension

Ken Livingstone Mulls District Line Extension

Once and possibly future mayor Ken Livingstone would consider a new Tube link for Hounslow if re-elected.

Ken made the remarks during the Hounslow instalment of his pre-election tour of the boroughs. Quoth the red-one:

Union members at Heathrow have asked about reviving District line services to Hounslow West, which it used to serve some 40 years ago, and that's something we've said we'll look into.

The station currently welcomes Piccadilly Line trains on the route to/from Heathrow. The District extension would see a green tentacle extend down from Acton Town, in parallel to the Piccadilly.

The project would presumably feed into the Heathrow Integrated Rail Strategy, which seeks to improve rail connection in the area around the airport.

Image by rnuk in the Londonist Flickr pool.


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Pointless. More left bollocks from the lefty bollocksmeister.

Alex F.

Pointless and impossible - branch to Heathrow includes a few tunnels which cannot fit trains of larger size which run on District line. Not to mention that there is no way District line can run more trains (they are split between 4 western branches already).


Completely pointless. The Piccadilly line service is more than adequate (I commute on it every day!) for the demand, and as others have pointed out, the District really doesn't need another western branch. Who would lose trains as a result?


What about Kingston/Surbiton tube connection with Richmond instead Ken?