Street Artist Roa Back In London

The following guest post comes from our friends at Street Art London.

A new work-in-progress by Roa, in Old Street.

Roa, the Belgian artist currently taking the street art scene by storm, is back in town. This time he’s painting a huge wall in Old Street.

In case you haven’t heard of him, Roa is renowned for his visceral black and white animals that can be found slumbering in cities all over the world, in varying degrees of decay. London has been visited by Roa on a number of occasions and he has left us some fantastic work around Shoreditch, Hackney, Brick Lane and along Regents Canal. Not least, the beloved Crane on Hanbury Street and the Hackney Rabbit which was subject of a high-profile and ultimately successful campaign to save it from the unwarranted attentions of Hackney Council. We know that  Londonist are big fans of Roa and that they spent last September stalking his animals around East London — check out the map here.

The Roa crane on Hanbury Street.

We, at Street Art London, had the privilege of catching up with Roa over the last few days to witness the evolution of his latest wall. The new piece is one of Roa’s distinctive ‘animal piles’ and thus far features a fox, a rabbit, a squirrel and two cranes.

It is an incredible experience witnessing such inspiring creativity up close, for Roa does not sketch out his pieces first, but paints the entire wall freehand. This new piece has taken Roa several days already, and he has plans to go even higher up on this wall. When finally finished, it will be one of his biggest pieces yet. Watch this space!

The wall evolves as Roa adds more animals.

As things stand today.

Close up.

For the latest London street art photography, news and street artist interviews check out Street Art London’s site, and join our street art community over at our facebook page. For more Roa, check out Street Art London’s collection of Roa’s London street pieces here at our dedicated ‘Street Artists’ site, which gives the low-down on all of London’s best street artists. We also do street art walking tours around East London, too, and would love to share our knowledge of street art with you first hand. Roa also currently has an incredible installation (pictured below) at the Black Rat Press Gallery on Rivington Street, this is not one to miss.

Ciao, Street Art London

Gallery shot.

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  • Richard Picridas


  • Richard Picridas

    Sweet, should be an interesting time ;)

  • Sandra Gathmann

    Have a look at our 90 sec film about vanishing Roa’s and street art in the East End vs. The Hackney Council. !!

  • georgina birstall

    Roa stole his ideas from some underground northern artists, Phlegm and faunagraphic
    they was painting large animals in graphic and realistic ways years before Roa

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but you can say that about any artist. Everyone builds on what went before.

  • JS

    I’d like to contact Roa, just to ask him if I can use picture of his streetart work on my website… but I cant find any “contact” or mail anywhere (blogs, sites, tumblr, fb…) Does anybody have an idea for me ?

  • Nouman Uz Zama

    That’s really great post thanks for sharing. There is o doubt in london we have really good street art artist.