Street Art: SodTheRich Stickers By Chu

These Overground-style stickers can be found in various locations around Shoreditch right now. They’re mildly diverting, until you realise that SodTheRich is an anagram of Shoreditch, promoting them to the level of mediumly diverting. This one can be seen at the eastern end of Rivington Street. The stickers are by street artist Chu, who was also behind the Clowns/Jokers art work on Curtain Road, which we highlighted last week.

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  • Street Rally

    Oh, this is a great way to do treasure hunting. With all of these stickers sticked to various places, it makes the place one big exciting sticker hunting place.

  • Gabi

    I believe this has been taken today at the student protests. I got it on fb
    Good one!