Alternative Tube Maps: London Movies


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We’re going to have to make this a daily feature – everyone’s making Tube mashups. Today’s offering comes from Total Film, whose readers have helped them assemble an alternative map where each station references a famous movie.

What kind of quality? We’re talking Good Mornington Crescent Vietnam, One flew Oval The Cuckoo’s Nest, Uxbridges of Madison County, The Holborn Identity. Yes, that kind of quality. Pick out your own favourites in the comments.

This one looks like it’s been done without TfL’s permission (though we could be wrong). Go download a copy before they’re forced to take it down.

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  • http://undefined Elisabeth

    Very good, but where’s their Overground (i.e., the Old East London) line?

  • JMH

    These are excellent and it’s tough to pick just one (or even just a small handful). I especially like “Ten Items Or Leicester Square”, “Southwark: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut” and “Debden Does Dallas”.

  • Tom Williams

    Agreed – the standard is high!
    Particularly like ‘Dial M for Morden’ and ‘Last Acton Hero’

    One bone of contention – how is Pimilico not ‘Passport to…’?