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K&C And Richmond Best For Child Road Safety

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 81 months ago
K&C And Richmond Best For Child Road Safety

street_170810.jpg Children are statistically safer on the roads in Richmond and Kensington and Chelsea than in the sparsely populated Shetland Islands. Road Safety Analysis took five years' worth of data and calculated that on average, one child in 427 will be injured in a road collision every year, though in K&C this rises to one child in 1,158 and in Richmond to one child in 1,038. Is it a coincidence that these are nice, posh areas, probably with gardens for kids to play in? The Guardian thinks not, but even boroughs like Tower Hamlets and Newham do better than the national average. (Image / atrociousss)

Last Updated 17 August 2010