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15 June 2010 | News | By: M@

Urban Foxes: The New Immigrants?

Urban Foxes: The New Immigrants?


The Daily Mail's bathoscope of news plumbed uncharted depths today. "Two midnight fox intruders slink by home of mauled toddlers... while policeman watches," struggled the headline. Mail photographers, it seems, have kept a round-the-clock watch on the house of the young Hackney twins mauled by a fox, intent on keeping the story alive. Their patience has now paid off, with two images of rusty canids besieging the property. The accompanying commentary breathlessly credits the beasts with almost supernatural powers of evasion:

Minutes earlier another one had crept under the 6ft fence of the rear garden of the Victorian terraced house. It later emerged, this time jumping from the top of the fence. It then skulked across a side road and vanished. Somehow it had evaded the traps set by council pest control officers in the back garden.

Your home and children are at risk from these shifty interlopers...perfect Daily Mail fodder. Expect this one to run and run.

Image by Cakehole in the Londonist Flickr pool.


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I would imagine the paper that supported Adolph Hitler and his little nazi party are just gearing up for a campaign to wage a blitzkrieg on these creatures.

Now how would be best to go about it? How about packs of dogs accompanied by over privileged tossers on horseback wearing fancy dress?


Good old Daily Hate! Give us this day our Daily Hate...at least this time they've picked a target so preposterous that even their most die-hard idiotic supporters might struggle to release their vitriol.


Even the cranks and reactionaries who populate the Daily Mail comments section are calling time on this "story".