Music Review: Flight Of The Conchords @ Wembley Arena

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 103 months ago
Music Review: Flight Of The Conchords @ Wembley Arena


If you think about it (think think about it), two unassuming Kiwis whose main UK exposure has been on BBC4 ('not that many people need a place to think, actually') should not be able to fill Wembley Arena. And yet, in these strange days, the place is not only packed to bursting but screaming with delight and shaking with laughter. Bret and Jemaine have officially stepped over the line marked 'phenomenon'.

They stay in their nerd-personas throughout the whole gig - though there's a lovely moment near the end where Bret's mask slips as he tries to remember the chords to a request for Mermaids; "how the fuck does that one go again?" - which means we're treated to some solid gold Conchords chat about complementary muffins and getting stuck in a lift. They've also resisted what must have been a considerable temptation to go for a massive set, sticking with the tried and tested formula of a couple of stools. They're letting their talent do the talking.

And what talent. These guys are not only masters of deadpan comedy and the musical parody, but what really stands out is the quality of the songwriting. It's something that perhaps gets overlooked in the TV series, but there are bloody great tunes supporting the whipsmart lines and, since it's only them on stage supported by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (Nigel), it's also obvious they're excellent musicians. We should probably hate them, but they're just too nice.

Highlights? Jemaine's Arnold Schwarzenegger impression during Robots, a storming Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor featuring an appearance by Arj Barker (who also provided a great stand-up support set), new (?) song Woo a Lady, spangly 70s leotards for Bowie with some very careful instrument smashing and laughing so much our cheeks hurt. It's also noticeable what they didn't get round to playing: a set that lasted over two hours and couldn't manage to squeeze in Ladies of the World, Boom, Prince of Parties, Carol Brown? That's flippin' quality. (Image / Caroline Dickie)

Last Updated 20 May 2010