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13 April 2010 | News | By: Dean Nicholas

Heron Tower Reaches Full Height

Heron Tower Reaches Full Height

1304_heron.png Champagne corks popped in the Square Mile yesterday afternoon as a ceremony was held to mark the topping out of the Heron Tower, the City's tallest building. The chief of Heron International, Gerald Ronson, and his counterpart at construction firm Skanska, took a quick nip up to admire the view from the building's 202-metre summit and pose for the requisite cheesy photographs. Ronson later gave a speech in which he proffered a hostage to fortune's whim by noting that the building, set to open in early 2011, had come to market "at the right time". Though king of the mountain for now, the Heron's position as the tallest building in the City will be short-lived: it'll be overtaken by the Pinnacle two years from now.

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By the City do you mean "The City"? As I'm sure The Shard will be commpleted before and be bigger than the Pinnacle...with the Shard being in SE1 that makes you right though.....I realy should've just kept this thought in my head!