Anish Kapoor’s Towering Olympic Sculpture Revealed

Images have emerged for a planned 120 metre tower from artist a la mode Anish Kapoor and engineer Cecil Balmond. What will become Britain’s tallest piece of public art will begin construction on the Olympic site almost immediately, for completion next year.

The structure, dubbed ‘Orbit’ resembles a topologically improbable roller coaster attempting to ingest previous Anish Kapoor sculptures. What’s not to love? Oh, right, the price tag. £19 million. Ouch. We hope they know what they’re doing.

Boris sang the sculptor’s praises as only Boris could:

“He has taken the idea of a tower and transformed it into a piece of modern British art. It would have boggled the minds of the Romans. It would have boggled Gustave Eiffel.”

Are you boggled, bejoyed or begrudged? And who can come up with a nickname for our latest folly?

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  • zefrog

    someone (not a fan) mentioned a melted Forth Bridge… 😉

    I think I rather like it. let’s wait until it’s done.

    • http://undefined M@

      Tangled earphones was another good one over Twitter.

  • http://undefined M@

    Actually, forget the sculpture. Is that the world’s largest area of concrete surrounding it? Look at the second pic.

  • http://undefined Lindsey

    I am boggled

  • iSleepDiagonal

    Remember that scene in The Fly where Jeff Goldblum tries to teleport a baboon and it arrives inside-out? It reminds me of the baboon’s innards at the end of that scene.

  • http://undefined Adam

    It’ll look great covered in graffiti, pigeons and discarded carrier bags.

  • http://undefined ZoeJ

    I think it’s quite seriously ugly.

    The Leaning Tower of Umbilical Cord is my personal nickname.

  • http://undefined Missy Edwards

    It looks like a stomach and large bowel.Hideous.

    • http://undefined M@

      It looks like a stomach and large bowel.Glorious.

  • http://undefined the_salisburyist

    It’s a bit early for April Fools Day isn’t it ?

    As for nicknames – Spaghetti Towers?

  • http://undefined zefrog

    How about the Squiggle for a nickname (not my idea sadly)?

  • ZoZo

    It’s clearly inspired by these: so I say it’s The Stratford Scoubidou

  • http://undefined Babb

    I want one in my garden.

    And, to make it more fun, it should be a rollercoster.

  • http://undefined Babb

    Strawberry laces.

  • http://undefined onbeschoft

    Scoubidou – very appropriate… but really Scoubidon’t.
    baboons innards definitely…looks a hot mess…but have a feeling its going to be fab in the flesh.
    spesh if that thing twirling round the intestinal tract is a giant slide – please!

  • http://undefined Kingpin

    That is by far… the absolute worst bit of architecture I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of pretty awful architecture in my time… a few by Norman Forster for example.

    This is the epitome of what’s wrong with architecture these days, architects trying to create a “signature” piece which, sure, is attention and headline grabbing, and certainly won’t be easily forgotten, but is an absolute travesty.

    Just like the logo, it’ll be way to expensive, god-awful, absolutely useless at the end of the event, and will be something any local could’ve done a better design for.

    • RuthL

      Far be it from me to be a pedant about this, but whilst I agree with you about iconography, Kapoor isn’t an architect, and this aint architecture. It’s sculpure. God-awful, expensive sculpture. Do we need yet another icon for the olympic site?

      • Tat

        Do we need this ugly costly shit at all?  Can’t they put the money to better use! Like affordable food!  Seriously, anyone can build a piece of shit and call it architect or signature piece.  Money foolishly spent.  What is it representing or attempting to stand for??  Shouldn’t you have a reason for sculpting, not build then decide what piece of crap you have made  and give it a name?!  no thought process anymore, just do and oops.

  • Tomtiredoflondon

    I really want to like it but in these pictures it just looks a bit cheap.

    I’m sure it’ll look better in the flesh. It’s certainly better than a lot of the plans that were floating around last year.

    Remind me, is this the thing that everyone was referring to as the ‘Piffle Tower’?

  • http://undefined SebBrennan

    I think it looks like an assemblage of Curly Wurlys, and so I demand it be called the Curly Wurly.

    Not sure whether I like it or not, but ask yourself this- would the Parisiens let it be built in their city? No?

    Good, lets have one then.

  • SallyB

    Well I really love it. Although one wonders if they couldn’t make it from scrap metal and reduce the costs therein…

  • http://undefined Bloomsbury

    Looks like a dream for Father’s for Justice and other protesters.

    Will there be the world’s longest Stannah Stairlift? After all, this is supposed to be a ‘Games for everyone’.

    I much preferred ‘The Cloud’ concept. That would have been really groundbreaking.

  • thebigbunny

    I like the shape & the curvature … I just think it might look better solid. Not sure about the ‘scaffolding’ look with all the swooping curves — choose one or the other methinks! London already has enough scaffolding (and things that look like scaffolding, frankly!).

  • http://undefined ishmael

    It’s ghastly, though somewhat appropriate…. It’s what we’ve all come to expect from the Olympics: twisted deals and convoluted planning that ends with the taxpayer paying for something that should have been a streamlined and linear process.

  • http://undefined Oliver

    It looks tantalisingly easy to climb… Which I WILL try!

  • http://undefined Alex

    How about, the Herdy Gerdy?

  • George


  • russell

    How about “The Knotted Scrotum”  ?

  • Chris F

    Call it ‘The Knot’.
    It’s horrible.