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08 February 2010 | By: M@

St Pancras...The LEGO Version

St Pancras...The LEGO Version

It contains over 60,000 bricks and four working clocks. It took eight weeks to build. This LEGO version of St Pancras was created by Warren Elsmore, Chairman of the Brickish Association (a society for adult enthusiasts of the plastic blocks).

"I chose St Pancras Station after the Brickish Association completed a PR project for LEGO, whereby we re-created a number of UK landmarks for local schools," he says. "That project included 30 St Marys' Axe (The Gerkin) and Big Ben, but I've always liked St Pancras since the time I used to commute into Kings Cross or St Pancras itself. Because the building is so complex, it presented a great building challenge too. Though not quite as tough as the Barlow shed, which is my next project!"

Click through the gallery to see closeups of this marvellous creation. Further snaps can be found on Warren's Flickr stream, and his web site. And there's a neat video over on the BBC.

All pictures from Warren Elsmore, and used with permission.


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