The London Of Sherlock Holmes...Mapped

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The London Of Sherlock Holmes...Mapped

The whole world is about to go Sherlock Holmes crazy, thanks to the upcoming Warner Brothers movie starring Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law. With each new telling, the character receives a certain amount of reinvention. One thing is constant, though. London. You can't have Holmes without the city he was so intimately associated with. But which parts of town did he know best? Our well of nerdiness will never run dry, so we re-read all the original Holmes tales and plotted every London location on the map above.

Some interesting patterns emerge. Naturally, there's plenty of action around the Baker Street area, but Holmes never once set foot in nearby Soho. Zooming out, there's a surprising cluster of incidents around Crystal Palace. The reason is elementary when you know that Conan-Doyle lived for a time in South Norwood. We haven't plotted the numerous out-of-town locations mentioned in the books, but you can get a sense of Holmes' peregrinations by noting which rail stations he used most. Southern stations Charing Cross and Waterloo are visited a combined total of 16 times, while King's Cross and Euston are only blessed with the detective's patronage on four occasions.

Feel free to add your own deductions and any corrections in the comments.

Key: Green = precise location; red = imprecise location; purple = real-world Holmes-related sites; blue line = route taken by Holmes. Page numbers refer to those in the Folio Society's 1994 collection.

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Excellent. Thank you for sharing this resource. Of course, some of us have been Holmes-crazy for a while: and

Scott Monty
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steve painter

You don't have Stanfords on the map!
Where Holmes sent for maps in The Hound of the Baskervilles


Steve - poorly deduced, my friend. Stanfords is indeed on the map, but in the location where it would have been in Holmes' time (Whitehall).


I sincerely hope that this wonderful 'program' can be either turned into an iPhone/iPod application or made available as a freestanding app. Thus would be a very nice promotional tool for you as well as an extremely useful program for all Sherlockians.


I just discovered this map and all the work that you have done. Brilliant and thank you!!!


Wonderful work, thank you for sharing it!


I enjoy helping those who want to find the London of
Sherlock Holmes. A new Google program allowed me to make a map of 100+ sites
from the Canon. I also included two “In Sherlock and Watson’s footsteps” walks.
One is the Creosote Trail from The Sign
of the Four. The second is the Goose Club Walk from The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. I may additional walks later. The
map has only about 25% of the sites in my book, and unfortunately, does not
allow hyperlinks to show street view photographs, as does my e-book (Kindle,
Nook, etc.) version. Please feel free to bookmark the map’s web address (below),
and pass it on to other fans of the Great Detective.

Thomas Bruce Wheeler

Selected Sherlock Holmes Sites in London


Thank you for your help.It's AMAZING!

Thomas Bruce Wheeler

Visitors to London can stay at seven deluxe hotels known to Sherlock Holmes, including one at which he was a guest. They are: Claridge's, The Charing Cross, The Grand, The Victoria "Grosvenor", The Langham, The St Pancras Renaissance, and The Corinthia "Metropole". There is also one additional hotel whose name Sherlock would have recognized. The famous old Cafe Royal has been converted into a deluxe hotel. For the full canonorial history of these hotels, and to see their London street photos, see the e-book version of The London of Sherlock Holmes (MX Publishing).

Thomas Bruce Wheeler

There is another
interesting feature in the Sherlock
Holmes map at
Throughout the map there are tiny white circles with symbols in them. They mark
a pub, hotel, business, etc. Clicking on some of these circles will bring up a
“Street View” photo of that place. You will have 360° control of these
pictures, and can travel up and down the street, or even around the corner.


For another interactive map of Sherlock's London, see:

Tom Wheeler

Now there is a Mapped London of Sherlock Holmes e-book. It includes an interactive map with the 400 London sites mentioned in the Canon, plus GPS addresses hyperlinked to Google Map street view photos. The book 's GPS addresses can also be used by London visitors with a GPS app on their smart phone or tablet to get turn-by-turn walking directions from one site to the next. Please preview the book on Amazon.

Bren MacNeil

as with the Dickens map, I exported to KMZ and am now separating into folders so its all one folder each book - I use Google Earth as a visual tool for so much its insane

its been a few years since i was last visited London, hopefully next year I will make it back down and Londonist will be of so much use

Thomas Bruce Wheeler

The paperback version of The Mapped London of Sherlock Holmes was published in April, 2018. The book identifies 400 places in London associated with the great detective. It is meant to be used with the interactive internet map on to produce both street-view and aerial photographs of the Sherlockian sites. The paperback and its ebook version are both available on Amazon ($4.99, $13.95).