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15 November 2009 | By: Dean Nicholas

In Pictures: The Olympic Park View Tube

In Pictures: The Olympic Park View Tube

An unexpectedly sunny Sunday offered the perfect opportunity to take in the Olympic Park from the newly-opened View Tube.

The first venue completed for the Games, the VT completes half the promise of its badly-punned name: there's no tube in sight, just a building made from recycled containers, but it does offer what organisers claim is the best publicly-accessible view of the Olympic site.

The lower half of the building houses an agreeable cafe, while upstairs it's all about the view and the legacy: a wall display charts how the local area will be transformed in order to host the Games, and what will happen to it afterwards. No place for naysaying nabobs here: reading the information panels, it's all talk of "vibrant" new communities and regeneration to a previously besmirched scrap of London.

The View Tube is accessible by a walk from Wick Road along the newly-resurfaced Greenway, or a five minute walk from Pudding Mill Lane DLR station.

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It is good opportunity for us, people from UK, to watch Olympics right in the center of Europe - London. Let this amazing event happen!