In Pictures: Mayor Unveils New London Overground Train

This morning, waving from the driver’s cab and grinning like the train driver he was surely meant to be, Boris Johnson rode one of the new London Overground trains into Platform 2 at Willesden Junction station.

The new trains feature tube-style seating, are roomier (less seats but considerably more standing room), and boast walk-through carriages — which would have been particularly welcome during the nutter-thronged Silverlink era. There’s also CCTV throughout, and air conditioning for those rare days when the mercury troubles the high 20s.

The trains will be gradually rolled out from this month through the rest of the year, but relief for passengers won’t really come until next year when a fourth car is added to the existing three, adding an additional 50% capacity to each service.

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  • http://undefined richspalding

    Walk-through carriages remind me of the Hong Kong MTR, a welcome addition and much needed on the existing Tube.

    Nice work, but who chose the brown and red vomit coloured upholstery?

  • http://undefined jamesu

    Personaly I like the moquet, very distinctive and excellent camoflague for common stains.

  • http://undefined DeanN

    “excellent camoflague for common stains.”

    That’s probably the sole criteria used to select it.

  • http://undefined alexmuller

    They look nice… mostly. Where did the disgusting seats come from?

  • Lindsey

    That spaciousness will surely relieve peak hour crush or – more likely – enable more people to crush on. I’m often been forlornly left on the morning platform, refusing to squeeze under someone’s armpit. Room for me too soon!

  • http://undefined jamesu

    What would have been really super would have been a third door…

    But trains don’t have three doors, they have two. This is ordained in scripture and can not be challenged.

  • Lindsey

    The 08.22 from Canonbury to Richmond this morning was a new train! It was genuinely exciting (not just for me). It was also still totally rammed but with a degree more breathing space than usual due to so much standing room. Clean and airier – can’t wait till all the stock’s replaced.